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Global Aquaculture Solutions

Fusion Marine is one of the world’s leading suppliers of fish farming equipment and in recent years has diversified its range of operations to include piping systems and bespoke outdoor solutions for the leisure industry.

The plastic fish farm pen systems manufactured by Fusion Marine have gained an enviable reputation for quality, strength and versatility. Manufactured from polyethylene, they are used around the world in inshore and exposed offshore fish farm locations for species such as salmon, bream and tuna.

The company uses the most advanced, traceable and quality assured PE jointing systems, which ensures the strongest possible pens made from the highest quality materials and designed for challenging marine environments. They are continually involved in new development initiatives to enhance containment.

Fusion Marine offers a one stop shop for the aquaculture industry, supplying fish farm pens and cages and bespoke shellfish farming systems for oysters and mussels. Other supplies include moorings, pontoons, anti-predator equipment and live fish transfer systems. The company sells pipe, fittings and fabrications for feeding systems and hatcheries.

The versatility of polyethylene means that Fusion Marine is a regular supplier of plastic piping systems to the utility sector and associated industries. The company also supplies equipment made from recycled plastic for outdoor and indoor applications, including benches, pontoons, walkways, fences and jetties.

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