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Fusion Marine offers the full spectrum of consultancy services from fish farm site assessment to project design and planning, execution and management. This is organised through a network of experts in various relevant disciplines, who are located in strategic parts of the world and their expertise covering a very wide range of aquaculture species and systems. The work of these experts is co-ordinated by the company's permanent technical staff and their international aquaculture consultant Professor Carmelo Agius.

On a global basis, fish farm cage or pen culture of finfish has expanded rapidly in the last 20 years as commercial quantities of juveniles of numerous species have become available year-round. These include portion size species such as sea bass, sea bream and tilapia as well as larger species such as grouper, meagre, kingfish, amberjack and cobia. The early aquaculture cages or pens consisted of galvanised iron pipe or wood and were installed in sheltered waters. Competition from other coastal users and the search for better quality water has necessitated the slow but steady replacement of such fish farming systems by more robust offshore fish farm pens. Fusion Marine has been at the forefront of this technology with its High Density Polyethylene products. The experience gained in the salmon farming industry in northern Europe over a number of years has been successfully adapted to worldwide situations, resulting in the most cost-effective and reliable fish farming systems available on the market.

Indeed the iconic bluefin tunas for the lucrative Japanese sushi and sashimi markets have presented the ultimate challenges in aquaculture pen design and implementation with pens up to 150 metres being placed in the harshest conditions on exposed fish farm sites. For many years now these aquaculture pens have safely produced this highly prized species including many large distance towing operations from the fishing grounds to the fish farm sites.

Over the years Fusion Marine has provided consultancy services for the establishment of a range of innovative fish farm system technologies in a wide spectrum of countries such as Turkey, Libya, Malta, Tahiti, Martinique, Guatemala, South Africa, Ghana and Zambia. These have included pre- and full feasibility studies, site assessments, and installation of experimental as well as commercial aquaculture projects.

Fusion Marine has also provided advisory services in the field of fish farm hatchery technology and has designed and implemented some of the largest, state of the art tilapia hatcheries in Africa. These hatcheries have introduced highly innovative technologies into Africa as well as using local indigenous species previously unutilised by the fish farming community. Both these achievements have contributed significantly to the long term environmental sustainability of such projects and serve as models for the future developments which are expected to rapidly take hold in this vast Continent, which holds enormous fresh water as well as marine water resources.

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