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Fusion Marine innovation ensures success of Shetland salmon farm refurbishment project

Salmon farm pens in Shetland are being recycled into new and stronger units in a collaborative project between Northern Isles Salmon and aquaculture equipment supplier Fusion Marine.

Old polyethylene two-ring pens at the Northern Isles Salmon site in Basta Voe, which had reached the end of their useful lifespan, are now being converted into 18 modern three-ring Fusion Marine 90m circumference Oceanflex pens in an environmentally friendly refurbishment project.

The new pens will provide Northern Isles Salmon with the highest possible standards of stock containment, which was the driving force behind their move to upgrade the Basta Voe site.

To ensure the success of the project, Fusion Marine engineers developed a specially moulded heavy duty bracket to secure the 280mm diameter flotation pipes from the existing pens in place, which are narrower than the 315mm pipes normally utilised on Oceanflex pens.

As part of the upgrade programme, Fusion Marine modular anti-slip safety decking has been fitted to the new pen systems and bird net supports have also been installed.

Nigel Fraser, area manager for Northern Isles Salmon said: ?The project is going extremely well and we are delighted at the new pens, which are significantly stronger than the existing ones, ensuring that we have the best possible containment.

?Refurbishing existing pens is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way of upgrading our farm operations.?

Iain Forbes of Fusion Marine said: ?This is an excellent example of how Fusion Marine technology and expertise can be used to upgrade farm sites in an efficient way. With the development of the new bracket and the installation of safety decking, these pens are like new and are incredibly strong, providing secure containment. These refurbished pens will also have a greatly enhanced lifespan, which further underlines the cost effectiveness of such refurbishment projects.?

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