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The Ortac Oyster Farming System is the original and the best oyster farming cylinder system

Unique Forced Up-welling System

It is a purposely moulded unit built in two halves that clip together onto a simple trestle to make one unit. Their re-usable and stackable design also makes them easy to transport and store.

The Ortac Oyster Farming System was designed to enable oyster farmers to grow both Pacific (Crassostrea gigas) and European Native (Ostrea edulis) oysters inter-tidally. It was developed to have a unique forced up-welling flow system that mirrors low farming densities but within a small container that improves growth rates without compromising shell quality. This forced up-welling flow system also means that the Ortacs don't require as much manual handling compared with more conventional methods as they are always moving. If required they can be turned quicker and easier meaning that they are a more user friendly product than other conventional farming methods.

Ortac has great potential in combining different parts of the aquaculture industry within integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA) systems to achieve a greater natural balance in the management of water areas.


Unique forced upwelling flow system

Improved Growth Rate

Minimised handling



UV Resistant

Ortac Technical Specifications
Material Polypropylene

Complete Ortac With Optional Lid

Half an Ortac
Length 500mm
Width 450mm
Depth 260mm
Dry Weight 1.4Kg
Displaced Volume 33L
Mesh size 12.5mm x 4.5mm retains 7mm grade Crassostrea gigas

(for 5 Ortacs)

Available in Ø 20mm Rebar
Trestle Fixings

Ortacs are fitted to a standard rebar trestle with cable ties

Red - 7.6x200mm
Blue 4.6x100mm


Ortacs can be fitted with an optional inspection lid. A Ø152mm hole is required to be cut to achieve this

General Dimensions

Cable Tie Positions

Ortac Installation  

Sectional view of an Installed Standard Ortac Trestle

The standard ortac trestle was designed and developed to be easy to transport, install, remove and store.

The trestle which is bent out of Ø20mm rebar is simply pushed into the shore line. Its 660mm long legs sit just below the surface so that the main hanging bar positioned 660mm off the ground.

5 Ortacs can then be stocked with oysters and cable tied to its simple but effective frame.


Ortac Juvenile Inserts

Ortac Juvenile Inserts are now available for the Ortac Oyster Farming System which allow oyster farmers to input oyster seed into the Ortac Oyster Farming System much earlier than they have been previously able to.

The two half 4mm mesh insert is cable tied together and can be easily inserted into Ortacs through a standard Ortac inspection lid hole of Ø152mm.

Its recommended that when stocking Ortac Juvenile Inserts that each unit is filled with 250 oyster seed at a 4mm grade. Once the seed have grown to between 10-12mm where they can be retained safely by the standard 4.5x12.5mm Ortac mesh. Oyster seed can then be easily and quickly graded out of the Ortac Juvenile Inserts directly into the main Ortac itself.

Up to 4 Ortac Juvenile Inserts can be fitted into one single Ortac which still allows space for them to move about internally. If assembled and managed correctly Ortac Juvenile Inserts can be used a number of times over several stock inputs.

Ortac Juvenile Insert Technical Specifications

Displaced Volume
Mesh Size
Dry Weight
4* Cable Ties (4.8x200mm)
No. Units per Ortac
3-4 Units

Input (No. vs Size)
Ostrea Edulis - 250 at a 4mm Grade
Crassostrea Gigas - 250 at a 4mm Grade

*Its recommended that 4 cable ties are used to avoid side to side movement of halves which may create an opening.

A Complete Ortac Juvenile Insert Loading an Ortac Juvenile Insert Into a Ortac
250 Ostrea Edulis at approx. 4mm 250 Ostrea Edulis ready for the Ortac
Ostrea Edulis at approx. 12mm  

Ortac Trials

During extensive trials using Ortac Oyster Farming System to farm European Native Oysters (Ostrea edulis) in an inter-tidal environment results showed that using the system dramatically reduced the production cycle from 3-4yrs down to 2.5 without additional handling.

If production targets of 5Kg (60 oysters) are chosen, then good growing sites will attain an 8mm grade to 80g in a two and a half year period without additional handling, just a final grade.

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Benefits of Ortac

Ortac Videos

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