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Fish Farming Cages/Pens

Fusion Marine Triton Aquaflex 250 Farm Pens Accessories

Aquaflex 250 Fish Farm Cages/Pens

The proven and highly successful Aquaflex aquaculture system covers fish farming pen sizes from 35-80m circumference and utilises 250mm diameter flotation pipes. Aquaflex fish farm pens/cages are incredibly robust and have been engineered to give fish farmers peace of mind.

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Fusion Marine Oceanflex 315 Fish Farm Pen

Oceanflex 315 Fish Farm Cages/Pens

Oceanflex is the fish farm pen/cage of choice for aquaculture companies operating on a wide variety of marine sites. These heavy duty, all polyethylene fish farm pens are built on the security and safety of Fusion Marine’s proven three ring flotation fish farm system.

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Fusion Marine Triton 400 Fish Farm Pens Accessories

Triton 400 Fish Farm Cages/Pens

The Triton 400 fish farming pens have been developed to meet the demanding conditions found in open sea fish farming sites. With the future trend of fish farming moving further offshore, these incredibly strong large diameter aquaculture pens provide the perfect solution.

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Fusion Marine Triton 450 Fish Farm Pens Accessories

Triton 450 Fish Farm Cages/Pens

The Triton 450 pen system is based on a tried and tested pipe of 450mm diameter covering pen sizes from 100-180m circumference. The Triton 450 is the perfect solution for fish farms needing cages/pens for high energy environments.

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Fusion Marine Fish Farm Pens Accessories

Fish Farm Cages/Pens Accessories

The Fusion Marine fish farming packages are designed to offer flexibility to ensure the cages match their particular requirements and specification. There are a wide range of accessories and options available, including: bird net supports, mooring brackets, net hook plates and the number of stantions required.

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