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Fish Farm Cages/Pens Accessories

Bird Net Support Wheels

Our heavy duty bird net support offers several advantages over conventional tripod bird net supports.

  • Their larger size helps to increase the surface area supporting the top net thus reducing any point loading

  • Main flotation ring made from Ø180mm PE pipe

  • Minimal movement makes them ideal for large diameter pens

  • Utilises electrofusion process and control

  • Modular design with the option to increase circumference

Bird Net Support Features

Fusion Marine Bird Net Support

(Fusion Marine Ltd reserve the right to make improvements and changes to products and specifications without notice)
Customisation and other circumferences available upon request.

Square Bird Net Supports also available in size 2m x 2m

Bird Net Support Parts

  • Ø180mm Flotation Ring filled with Polystyrene (EPS) infill

  • Ø125mm Top Ring

  • Ø125mm Upright Pipe

  • Electrofusion fittings used at all junction points to construct the bird net support wheel

  • Optional central cross bar c/w internal bulkheads

  • Optional fabricated rotary spreader attachment point

Fusion Marine Bird Net Support Features Diagram

Sinker Tubes

We offer a range of sinker tube options for both 2 and 3 ring pens utilising thick walled, durable polyethylene pipe with options for either chain or wire cores. More information available upon request.

Sinker tubes are a heavy duty thick walled butt fused PE weighted ring suspended sub-surface below the base of the main containment net and can be used for a variety of reasons including:

  • Maximises the main containment net volume in higher current/energy environments which optimises stock holding capacity

  • Enhances the structure and integrity of the net ensuring convenient use of automated net cleaning technology

  • Allows better oxygen flow through nets

  • Can be used with anti-predator netting

  • Allows for use of smaller mesh nets  enabling use of cleaner fish

  • The Sinker Tubes internal dead weight is either large diameter wire rope or heavy duty chain internally linked and weight per metre tailored to meet specific site conditions.

  • Equidistant suspension points fitted to the sinker tube include a 3Ton webbing sling choked around the pipe connection to the suspension line with a welded PE stopper either side to hold in position

  • Flexible suspension lines are available in either rope or chain.

  • More information available upon request