• Fusion Marine Triton 450 Fish Farming Pen System

The experts in upgrading farm infrastructure

Good containment is not just about purchasing the best possible equipment, but also ensuring that it is well maintained and regularly upgraded whenever required, says fish pen manufacturer Fusion Marine.

The Argyll-based company has been busy supplying salmon pens and other equipment to several Scottish and Irish farm sites over the past year, including ‘upcycling’ projects using material from redundant pens to construct new modernised ones.

The pen recycling involves reusing the flotation rings from older two-ring pens for the manufacture of new three-ring Triton 400 pens, which have a larger circumference. All the other materials are recycled.

Such upgrade and refurbishment work is proving particular popular among aquaculture companies and provides a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution that incorporates the latest designs and technologies.

Rhuaraidh Edwards, technical design engineer for Fusion Marine, says: “This delivers a wide range of benefits to the customer, including the responsible and convenient disposal of old pens, reduced final product cost and the upgrade to a stronger pen with a larger circumference.”

On the export side, Fusion Marine has recently been involved in farm installation projects in Madeira, Malta, Sri Lanka, Algeria, the Canaries and Mexico.

For Malta, Fusion Marine secured an important contract to refurbish and upgrade Triton tuna pens for relocation to a new offshore site.

Meanwhile, working closely with Kames Fish Farming Ltd and other clients, Fusion Marine has been involved in an exciting new project to install new farms in exposed offshore sites in Madeira for bass and bream farming. As the Portuguese aquaculture sector embarks upon new expansion, the tough and durable design of Fusion Marine equipment is ideal for such high energy sea sites.

In another project with Kames, Fusion Marine is working on the next phase of the development of a fish farm at Trincomalee harbour in Sri Lanka. Both companies were involved with the initial farm installation back in 2014.

Fusion Marine is also currently looking at projects in the Canaries and Mexico to upgrade existing farm infrastructure to cope with the demanding sea conditions found in such places so as to maximise stock containment, improve operator welfare, boost production and enhance the overall sustainability of these businesses.

“We are continually involved in new development initiatives to enhance containment, given this future trend to move to more exposed offshore sites,” says Stephen Divers, managing director.

Such work has been enhanced by the recent relocation of the Fusion Marine office to the European Science Park in Dunbeg near Oban.

The move will enable the company to benefit from the synergies created by being part of the cluster of scientific expertise at Dunbeg, aiding in aquaculture research and development programmes.


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