• Innovation the key behind success at Fusion Marine

Innovation the key behind success at Fusion Marine

It has been another busy year for Fusion Marine with the international fish farming sector ordering fish containment pens and a wide range of other specialist aquaculture systems from their diverse range.

It has been an important year in other ways too with Fusion Marine moving its administration office from Barcaldine to new modern facilities at Malin House at the European Science Park in Dunbeg, Argyll.

The move will enable the company to benefit from the synergies created by being part of the cluster of scientific expertise at Dunbeg, aiding in aquaculture research and development programmes.

It will also ensure Fusion Marine can share its expertise in fish farm equipment systems with the marine scientific community. The manufacturing operation will still be based at its nearby Barcaldine site.

With almost 30 years’ experience serving the global aquaculture industry, Fusion Marine has utilised its expertise in polyethylene technology to offer a wide range of specialist equipment, most notably fish pens that are renowned for their strength and excellence in design.

The company has been busy supplying salmon pens and other equipment to several Scottish and Irish farm sites over the past year, including ‘upcycling’ projects using material from redundant pens. Such techniques for upgrading farms are seen as a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way for future proofing operations.

Fusion Marine pontoons are also in strong demand, providing convenient marine access for remote coastal locations.

On the export side, Fusion Marine has been involved in farm installation projects in Madeira, Malta, Sri Lanka, Algeria, the Canaries and Mexico.

Innovation is a core philosophy of the Fusion Marine operation and this is well illustrated by the unique new mussel farm flotation system jointly developed with Offshore Shellfish Ltd (OSL) for use at their exposed sea site in Lyme Bay, Devon.

OSL came up with an initial float design concept working in a vertical position, as opposed to the traditional horizontal-axis barrel floats normally used to suspend mussel ropes. OSL then sought the help of Fusion Marine to refine their ideas and turn them into reality.

The robustness of the float and its special design has resulted in better growing conditions and increased harvests, as well as protection of the overall integrity of the farm. Fusion Marine is also involved in several other shellfish and mariculture projects.

Stephen Divers, managing director of Fusion Marine, says the key to the company’s success lies in the quality of its products, the dedication of its employees and commitment to customer service.

“We always strive to work closely with our customers in developing aquaculture solutions that fully meet their requirements,” he said.

“We are continually looking at new opportunities in the aquaculture sector and exciting times lie ahead with the growth and development of land based farm units, the use of cleaner fish, and the development of new culture systems for seaweed and shellfish.”

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