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Gael Force Fusion Products

Fusion Marine Fish Farm Pens

Fish Farming Pens

Our versatile and strong polyethylene fish farm pens are available in a variety of different formats and specifications.

These pens have been successfully installed in some of the harshest offshore marine environments in the world and are suited to a wide range of species including salmon, bream, bass, tuna, trout and more.

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Fusion Marine Offshore Mussel Float

Offshore Mussel Float

The Offshore Mussel Float is a robust and durable polyethylene float developed for mussel farming operations in high energy offshore environments.

Its modular construction and simple operation design features make it the ideal choice of a float for the offshore mussel farmer for use in vertical axis systems.

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Fusion Marine Recyled Plastic Products

Recycled Plastic Products

Versatile and suitable for a wide variety of uses, Fusion recycled plastic products range provides the perfect solution for an extensive range of outdoor and indoor applications.

Our range of products are ideal for caravan and holiday parks, nature reserves, town centres, urban areas, visitor centres and other recreational uses.

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Fusion Marine Service Pontoons

Pontoons & Rafts

Our pontoons are the most cost effective way of ensuring shore access, no matter the location.

Constructed from tough and flexible PE, these pontoons provide convenient access in a variety of waterside locations. We also design and manufacture rafts for a wide variety of purposes, including nesting platforms for water birds.

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Fusion Marine Pipeline Systems

Pipe Systems

Gael Force Fusion’s expertise in the field of polyethylene (PE) pipeline fabrication ensures work is carried out to the highest standard over a range of PE pipeline applications.

Our PE pipeline supply and installation services are fully supported by the provision of a wide range of ancillary fittings and connections.

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