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Triton 450 fish farm pens

The Triton 450 pen system is based on a tried and tested pipe of 450mm diameter covering pen sizes from 100-180m circumference.

The perfect pen for high energy environments.

Fusion Marine Triton

Pen Features

  • Manufactured utilising the security and safety of Fusion Marine’s proven three ring system

  • Pen manufacture utilises Butt Fusion and Electrofusion process and control

  • A flexible yet robust and durable polyethylene structure, built for challenging environments

  • A Heavy duty moulded base unit

  • Heavy guage handrail pipe used to resist deformation

  • Incorporates a full slip resistant, modular decking system compliant with current HSE guidelines

  • Pens have a low environmental visual impact

  • A range of customisation possibilities and accessories available upon request

  • Low maintenance design resistant to saltwater corrosion

All Pens supplied with a Fusion Marine operator manual. Further information about products is available in the operator manual.

Triton 450 Pens Features

Fusion Marine Triton

The Triton 450 system is based on a tried and tested pipe of 450mm diameter covering pen sizes from 100-180m

Fusion Marine Triton 450 Cage/Pen Specifications

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*Calculations are for seawater conditions.
(Fusion Marine Limited reserves the right to make improvements and changes to products and specifications without notice)

Fusion Marine Triton

Triton 450 Parts

  • 2 or 3 Ø450mm polyethylene rings with heavy walled pipe to resist impact and kinking

  • Polystyrene (EPS) inner ring infill – middle and outer ring optional

  • Ø140mm electrofusion stanchion tee with additional cleat

  • Ø140mm stanchion/thick walled handrail

  • Heavy duty PE base unit complete with built-in fender and option for sinker tube suspension attachment

  • Saddle welded moulded stop to minimise base movement

  • Injection moulded modular decking

  • Ø90mm retainer pipe used to integrate decking with base units and secured with Electrofusion for a permanent and flexible fix

  • Long link galvanised security chain fitted inside inner retaining pipe and secured with shackle

  • Injection moulded socket retaining pin

  • Injection moulded long handrail pin with central hole for removable hook

  • 6.8m/8Ton blue duplex mooring strop

  • Heavy walled sinker tube pipe closed with electrofusion coupler

  • Large diameter chain/wire secured internally with shackle

  • 3Ton yellow duplex lifting strop

  • PE strop guide extrusion welded to crown of pipe either side of lifting point for alignment

  • Flexible suspension line available in either rope or chain

Fusion Marine Triton 450 Fish Farm Pen Features

Triton 450 Gallery

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