• Fusion Marine Triton Fish Farming Pen System

Triton and Oceanflex offer flexibility to future proof farm infrastructure

One of the advantages of our Triton and Oceanflex salmon pens is their ability to be extended so as to cater for future expansions in production.

This involves cutting the existing polyethylene (PE) pen, adding in a new section, and then re-welding to a new and larger size, minimising capital outlay and future proofing the initial infrastructure investment.

We use the most advanced, traceable and quality assured PE jointing systems, which ensures the strongest possible pens made from the highest quality materials and designed for challenging marine environments.

The ability of Triton and Oceanflex systems to be easily extended is a major attraction as it provides a sustainable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of expanding a site.

The use of advanced technologies is an integral part of our commitment to deliver the best possible customer service by continually innovating and enhancing our supply and installation standards.

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